In our caring and relaxing environment we are committed to offering you quality dental care. There is easy access for the less mobile, as we are only a few steps above the street level.


For your total safety, all instruments are sterilized with latest autoclaves. Where ever possible we use disposable instruments for your health and safety. All the team are trained to uphold the stringent cross infection procedures that are required in dentistry.



  • Daily fumigation
  • Disposables are used
  • Heat sterilization by autoclave, hot air oven and glass bead sterilizer.
  • cold sterilization by ethyl alcohol, gluteraldehyde.
  • Disposable sleeves for intra oral cameras.
  • Ultrasonic cleaning for cleaning instruments.
  • U-V cabin to keep the sterility

We follow all the necessary heath and safety guidelines, so that both our staff and patients feel secure in the dental setting.


The center is open from 9 am to 6 pm and is closed on all Sundays.




  • Intra Oral Camera. (Dent America, CAMMY)
    Together, using our intra-oral camera we can view the images of your mouth allowing you a greater understanding of your Oral health.
  • Digital radiograph.
    We use the latest in digital X-ray machines, redusing any radiations to minimal levels. The system allows us immediate viewing of the picture taken. No waiting for diagnosis.
  • Fully electronics dental chairs. (confident)
    We have three dental units (
  • Piezo electric scalers. (EMS minipiezon scalers)
    For highly efficient oral prophylaxis and sub gingival scaling (
  • Opti-light (GNATUS)
    Instant tooth whitening machine. (
  • Trophy (Francis)
    Digital X-Ray machine
  • X-Smart (Dents ply)
    Rotary instrument for single setting root canal treatment ( / x smart)


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