Treatment and Facilities

At Orikottu all dental procedure from basic to advanced are performed under one roof. Dental care provided is of the most supreme standards, taking advantage of all the recent advances in dentistry. During all procedures ,our strict standards ensure that their is no compromise on all aspects of form, function, aesthestics, hygiene and sterilization of each and every service provide by us. Our minute attention to detail on all these aspects ensure that all our patients are benefited in terms of sound and long lasting dental treatment.


During first consultation your oral status will be thoroughly assessed by our dentists, following which you will be educated regarding your current status, using our digital intra oral cameras. This is followed by a comprehensive treatment plan, encompassing the work required the cost incurred and the time duration. You can chose from a variety of treatment option to suit your time and budget.


Orikottu offers everything in dentistry




Cosmetic Dentistry


Orikottu dental centre prides itself in being associated with superior aesthic dentists. Using a combination of a number of treatment modalities .we guarantee you the most dazzling smile.


Bonding: This procedure is used to correct minor flaws in the smile including chipped teeth, minor gaps between teeth etc.

A tooth colored composite material is used in combination with various tints to obtain the desired effect







Ceramic veneers / Metal free ceramic crown:

Both the treatment modalities used either individually or in combination with each other bring about the true magic of dazzling smile transformation. All defects including, stained teeth, chipped teeth, croocked teeth, excessively small teeth, excessively big teeth, surface defects of teeth, gaps between teeth, overall aesthei smile can not only be enhanced to glamorous proportions Using veneer and metal free ceramic crowns. Even regular smile can be enhanced by altering the shade and smile line to bring it in harmony with rest of the face.




Recontouring of teeth:  minor alteration in the shape and size of the teeth brought about enhance the existing smile


Recontouring of the gums:  Some time the naturals contours  of the gum are uneven and unsymmetrical producing an un aesthetic  smile. Such gums are recontoured to make gum look more pleasing and aesthetic





Tooth colored filling or White filling:

White fillings are also known as tooth colored composite resins or porcelain inlays, allow teeth to be filled and rebuilt utilizing more aesthetically acceptable material materials. This filling doesn’t contain mercury and are an ideal choice for achieving long term strength in filled teeth.







Depigmentation of gums:

Black and brown pigments are occasionally present on gums .Such pigments are removed to produce natural pink and aesthetic appearance.


Replacement of ‘Black line’ crowns (Artificial looking crowns):

In the previous generations, the crown used for anterior teeth were mostly ceramic fused to metal crowns, with a metal based coated by ceramics. One of the major draw backs of such crowns is the unsightly back metal line seen along the border of the crown along with a mild metallic tint to the overall crowns .At Orikottu metal free ceramic crowns are used for anterior teeth .In such crowns not only does the metal appearance and the black lines disappear but also in combination with the right tints and translucencies are made to look like a real natural teeth and blended beautifully with the adjacent teeth. Infact, it becomes almost impossible to distinguish visually a well done metal free crown from natural teeth.





Smile make over


At Arikottu dental centre we believe that every one deserves a healthy beautiful smile and confidence that it can bring .By combining the art and science of cosmetic dentistry we can make your dream of a dazzling smile a reality.


Our patients report that their new smile have made them feel more confident, changed their out look made them more ready to smile and even resulted in careers advancement.


At our practice we combine experience and gentle touch to provide our patient s with exceptional restorative and cosmetic dental care. It’s our mission to ensure that you receive the best attention and the highest quality dental treatment available while experiencing unsurpassed comfort in a state of the art dental facility.





Dental Implant


Dental implant are the most realistic tooth replacement therapy available ,comprised of a titanium screw and a custom-made replacement tooth dental implant replaces your original tooth is functionality and appearance.


The small titanium screw (or post) is implanted in the bone beneath the missing tooth’s socket. The replacement attached to this screw creating a bond to your jaw bone that is as strong as your original tooth and root. Dental implants are often preferred tooth replacement therapy and only a lack of solid bone under the tooth’s socket can cause this treatment choice to be rejected.


Your dental implant will look and function likes your original tooth except that it will be impervious to decay.





Correction and alignment of irregular and protruded teeth using


  • Myo functional appliances
  • Removable appliances
  • Fixed orthodontic appliances



Crown and Bridges


A bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth. A bridge is a structure, support by teeth on either side of a space. it spans the gap between teeth ,just as a bridge spans river.




Types of crown and bridges:


  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • Metal free ceramic

In this type core structure is made up of special ceramic called alumina or zirconia, instead of metal. They have superior cosmetic appearance than traditional porcelain fused to metal crown.

We Use:

  • PROCERA from Nobel Biocare
  • CERAC from VITA
  • LAVA from 3M





Root Canal Treatment


Root canal therapy treats disorders of the nerve (Pulp) it is used to be that tooth wit a diseased or infected pulp had to be removed. In 95% of these cases today however, this is no longer true. We believe in saving teeth (Instead of removing them) and we will make every effort to save yours.


Root canal treatment is performed in one or more visits, depending on the extent of the pulp infection and the complexity of the root canals in your teeth. We use the latest X-Smart (Dentsply) for single sitting root canal treatments.




Treatment of Gum diseases


Gum diseases (Periodontal diseases) are usually a slow, painless progressive disease. Most adult with gum disease are unaware that they have it. If diagnosed early, however, the teeth can be saved.


What are the signs?


  • Gum that bleed when you brush your teeth
  • Red, swollen or tender gums
  • Gums that have receded
  • Pus between your teeth
  • Teeth that seem loose
  • Bad Breath
  • A change in your bite




Scaling and polishing, curettage, gingivectomy flap surgery



Prosthetic Dentistry


Full and partial dentures:

Whether you are missing some or your entire natural teeth, you can derive many benefits from replacing them with full or partial dentures. Replacements teeth help fill out your smile by giving support to the cheeks and lips. This creates a more youth ful, vibrant appearance by holding up facial muscles and also aids in speaking, chewing, swallowing and smiling.


We do BPS (Bio-functional Prosthetic system) dentures from IVOCAR VIVADENT.


BPS® dentures are precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing.

Premium ivoclar denture teeth are used to reflect light through several layers that mimic natural teeth. The quality material resists wear, chipping and staining.



Children dentistry

A healthy mouth is important to your child’s overall health.Here are several things we can do for your child.


Pit and fissure sealants:

A sealant is a protective plastic coating that is applied to the chewing surfaces of the black teeth, thus preventing decay.


Fluoride application:

Topical fluoride application helps teeth become stronger and resistant to tooth decay.


Space maintainers :

If a baby tooth is lost prematurely ,you may need a space maintainer to “Save” the space for the permanent tooth, which will erupt in to its position when the baby tooth is lost normally.


There are fixed and removable space maintainers




Habit breaking appliance:

continued finger sucking beyond these years of age cause serious defects in the developing oral and facial structures including the jaw bone when all other means fail the dentists may advise a habit breaker, which is placed behind the front teeth, and prevent the child from sucking the thumb.





A pulpotomy is when the inflamed pulp in chamber usually on a baby molar is removed, the area is sterile and the chamber is sealed. It is sometimes called a baby tooth root canal.


It is a very common procedure in children and has a reasonably good prognosis of success.



Preventive Dentistry


To maintain your oral health, we will do everything we can to prevent two main causes of tooth loss, gum disease with bone loss and tooth decay.


  • Screening:
    On all visits, a full soft tissue examination is given. Any untoward findings will be discussed to you. The teeth are also thoroughly checked out for signs of cavities.
  • Oral hygiene:
    Mainmtqanance of oral hygiene is the foundation for a healthy mouth and fresh smile. We will try and encourage a ‘healthy life style’ including a healthy diet and for smokers explain why smoking so damaging but no preaching.
  • Exposing and developing radiographs
  • Charting pocket depths
  • Clearing and Scaling
  • Fluoride treatment
  • Space maintainers


Surgical Removal of impacted teeth.

The wisdom teeth or third molars are often inside the bone and therefore can not be removed easily by using the forceps.


In addition their position and angulations may be abnormal.


They often require surgical extraction by cutting open the overlaying gums and cutting the bone around the teeth.



Tooth whitening


Brighten your smile,

Build your


Tooth whitening in about an hour.


Change the color of your natural teeth instantly (with in one hour). We offer a whitening technique that is very effective while quite gentle to the surrounding tissues. The technique is affordable and requires little office time.


Whitening your teeth can remove years of accumulated discoloration giving your smile new youthful virility.




Tooth Jewellary


Tooth jewellary is the largest craze

It is the sparkle in a smile.
It is the eye catching glimmer that draws a second glance.


Safe and smooth to touch
Boned to surface
No pair no damage to the tooth
Takes 5-10 minutes of yours time
Reversible- can be removed or replaced
It’s easy, fun, exiting and affordable.
We are Kryst tooth jewellary.
12 gorgeous colors and 3 different sizes